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Currently, we are defending ancient rainforests from mining companies MMG and Venture Minerals. Their proposed mines would destroy large areas of takayna. With your help, we can stop them. 

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MMG's Toxic Tailings

In southeastern takayna, a tract of 500-year-old myrtle rainforest, melaleuca and tall eucalyptus forests are imminently threatened by a Chinese-state owned mining company proposed to dump 25 million cubic metres of toxic, acid-leaching mine tailings waste into a massive, 140-hectare dump.  

MMG has a viable alternative on their mine site outside takayna for their mine waste.   

If it proceeds, this waste dump would have a footprint of 285 hectares of world-heritage value rainforest and forests, and irreparably damage habitat for endangered species like the Masked Owl.

Mining experts have informed us that a paste-fill plant at the Rosebery mine is 100% feasible – the company can pump the dewatered tailings back underground to fill the 6km of voids left by mining.

A win-win outcome is available. Not one job need be at stake. Nor should the rainforests or Masked Owls, who have no alternative, be at stake. MMG has been considering options for more than a decade

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These are extraordinary, ancient trees – weathered by floods and time, twisted and gnarled. Through the centuries upper limbs have been colonised by mosses, lichens and ferns – and even other trees.

Huon pines here that have been measured at close to 2m diameter are estimated to be 2500 years old. They are the second oldest discrete trees in the world, after the amazing Bristlecone pines.  

Photo: Explainer 

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