Western Plains wind farm

Relationship to Marinus Link: Marinus Link will facilitate the Western Plains wind farm as the Bass Strait cable and associated new transmission lines will enable export of privatised Tas wind energy to the mainland.  

Proponent: Ark Energy, subsidiary of Korea Zinc.

Project Detail: 12 turbines on a private property on Stanley Peninsula, approximately 4 kms from the township of Stanley.

Turbines will be about approximately 150 metres high, four storeys taller than the Nut, a unique, three-dimensional volcanic plug.

Transmission lines: 25kms underground transmission lines to Port Latta.

Environmental impacts: Land-clearing and construction impacts on DOV (Eucalyptus ovata forest and woodland) and NME (Melaleuca ericifolia swamp forest) which are threatened flora and ecological communities.  

Species Impacted: Stanley lies in the direct path of the Orange Bellied Parrot migration route. Wedge tailed eagles (WTEs) and white-bellied sea-eagles (WBSEs). Tasmanian devils and spotted-tailed quolls are known to occur on the Stanley peninsula and within the area between Stanley and Port Latta

Landscape: Turbines will dominate the landscape and degrade the natural landscape values of the volcanic features of the Nut and Stanley Peninsula. They will also reduce amenity and degrade scenic landscape values of the historic town of Stanley with  negative impact on the sense of place local people feel about their home and on the tourism industry.

Status of Land: Private land for wind farm.

Status of Project: The Notice of Intent has been lodged with the Tasmanian EPA which has provided Project Specific guidelines for the proposed wind farm. This decision is a controlled action in accordance with section 75 and section 87 of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) for Listed threatened species and communities (sections 18 & 18A).

Ark Energy have not yet lodged a development application and have received an extension with the Tasmanian EPA to July 2023.

Cost / Subsidies:  Western Plans wind farm will not contribute to the cost of Marinus Link or the NW Transmission Development but depend on them both for their  access to the export energy market. The profits will be privatised and sent offshore and the costs will be socialised and paid by the people of Tasmania.

Website https://respectstanley.info/

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