Styx Forest logging intervention needed as protests continue

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Deep behind locked gates on the world heritage value slopes of the Styx Valley, ancient tall native forests are being plundered.

“Today the forest crushing machines are silent as we defend these habitats from destruction with peaceful direct action. We are appealing to Premier Rockliff to remove the logging machines,” Erik Hayward, Bob Brown Foundation Campaigner said.

Two humbling activists, Sandra Van Den Berg 54 and Derry Doyle, 33, have occupied the Styx forests again to stand their ground for the preservation of wild nature.

“Wake up Australia! Vote for the environment this election” said Sandra Van Den Berg from the gate locking up the forests that she is chained to this morning.

“I’m here because plenty of tradies like me care about the environment too. The trees down here are some of the tallest in the world, right up there with Californian Redwoods. They are a national treasure and I want to be able to bring my kids and grandkids here to see them one day.

Forestry Tasmania and the Tassie Government are throwing native forestry workers under the bus by refusing to move with the times and transition to plantation forestry,” Derry Doyle said.

“We’re in a global climate crisis and we have the worst rate for animal extinction. Forestry Tasmania under the liberal government instruction is demolishing the habitats vital for our critically endangered animals, the carbon stores essential for life as we know it on Earth and our fragile buffers against catastrophic bushfires,” Erik Hayward said.

“At a time when we, as citizens and guardians of this incredible wild planet have the chance, we must act now to defend and protect nature. In 3 weeks, Tasmania’s citizens can do this by voting for the environment in the state election,” Erik Hayward said.

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