Styx forest protest enters fourth day

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Bob Brown Foundation is appealing to Tasmania’s and Australia’s governments for a halt to logging in ancient forests located just a short distance from the Wilderness World Heritage Area.

“Australia’s government is ignoring the climate and extinction crisis they are contributing to as they commit to continue logging native forests. Federal Environment Minister Plibersek stating last night that they will not ban native forest logging is backing us into dangerous climate change,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaigns Manager Jenny Weber said

“Until we see leadership and action from governments, the people will be the only defence between logging and the forests. This Styx Valley logging can be stopped right now by any of the leaders in Tasmania and Australia who are willing to be courageous and take real climate action. Protecting the native forests we have left and restoring the forests we have lost is urgent and will help to limit global heating,” Jenny Weber said.

“On this high-risk fire day in Tasmania, we must remember that logging and climate change itself makes forests more vulnerable, including to uncontrollable bushfires,” Jenny Weber said.

Tasmanian woman Sandra Van Den Berg has attached herself to the gate that locks up these World Heritage value forests for logging.

“I’m locking onto this gate today because I believe that native forest logging needs to stop now. These trees are treasures and worth more standing, as anyone who has ever walked among them knows. I am doing what I can to help stop this senseless destruction and hope a new government will listen since the old one has not. I’m 54 years old and have worked with young children for over 24 years,” Ms Van Den Berg said.

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