Swift Parrot case adjourned until tomorrow.

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Magistrate Hartnett has adjourned a critical decision regarding the arrest of Bob Brown, Kristy Alger and Karen Weldrick in Tasmania’s northeast forests last year until tomorrow morning at 10:00am.

Counsel for the trio has argued that the section of legislation used by Forestry Tasmania which led to their arrest was invalid for that purpose. The case against the trio, involving Forestry Tasmania officers and Tasmania Police, was put to the court yesterday but the defence by the three defendants is delayed by the magistrate’s need to decide this matter first.

“Whatever the outcome on this legal question, I maintain that the logging where I was arrested, at Snow Hill, was illegal. It was part of the destruction of habitat which is sending the swift parrot, as well as other Tasmanian native species, to extinction. The fact that logging of Swift Parrot and Masked Owl habitat is continuing today in the Southern Forest highlights the human hubris leading to the Earth’s sixth age of cataclysmic extinction. We will continue to confront this shameful destruction of Tasmania’s wildlife and forests while ever we draw breath,” Brown said outside the court

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