Swift Parrot habitat logging protests continue into second week.

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Logging of critical Swift Parrot habitat has come to a standstill today as Bob Brown Foundation has again occupied the Snow Hill coupe in the Eastern Tiers of Tasmania. Two forest defenders have attached themselves to logging machinery that is destroying Swift Parrot breeding habitat. This is an atrocity as critically endangered parrots are settling to breed in these forests.

This action comes after Bob Brown was arrested in this same area last week to highlight the plight of the critically endangered Swift Parrot.

“Our satellite surveillance has revealed that more than 2 250 hectares of Swift Parrot core range habitat have been logged since 2019. This parrot is now critically endangered and we need to preserve all the habitat that remains in order for these birds to survive,” said Jenny Weber, campaign manager for the Bob Brown Foundation.

Earlier this week Forestry Tasmania was found withholding Forest Practices Plans for this and other logging areas from public scrutiny. It is deceitful of Forestry Tasmania to blatantly cover up the logging of an EPBC listed critically endangered species.
“In 2015, the IUCN strongly recommended that all Swift Parrot habitat be immediately protected. Forestry Tasmania needs to be held to account for this atrocity and the Federal Environment minister Tanya Plibersek needs to step up and protect Swift Parrots and their habitat or send the fastest parrot on Earth to extinction,” said Jenny Weber.

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