Takayna logging road shutdown as protests finish their 5th week

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Defiance against state-sanctioned destruction of Takayna’s forests ramped up this morning. Three people have locked down the road to a remote logging site, and are defending endangered species forests, preventing access to a unique peninsula that borders the Arthur and Frankland rivers, in Tasmania’s north-west.

“We are an empowered, multigenerational group of activists, scientists, citizen scientists, teachers, vets, doctors, nurses, you name it. We are here together, taking action for Takayna,” said Ellie Martin.

Engaging in non-violent direct action, Ellie Martin and Ian McKenzie, 65, have attached themselves to a Forestry Tasmania car blocking the public road, while Alison Wardrop, 72, is attached to the road itself.

The 19km stretch of road leads to a forest where more than 100 Tasmanian Masked Owl calls have been recorded by our citizen science team this month. This patch of mostly wet eucalypt forest, interspersed with patches of rainforest, has never been logged and is core habitat for several endangered species.

“I’ve travelled the world – places like this barely exist anymore. I’m in my 70s and it’s my time to do something, not only for my grandchildren, but all children yet to come. Takayna is valuable and this action I’m taking is necessary,” said Alison Wardrop.

“Our governments, federal and state, are failing in their duty to ensure these internationally significant forests are protected for all time. In the absence of government action, we the community have no choice but to stand up and ensure the protection of these special places,” said Ian McKenzie.

Bob Brown Foundation has been engaged in a dedicated campaign to save these native forests on the edge of Arthur and Frankland rivers for the past five weeks. Native forest logging was abolished by Thailand in 1989, New Zealand in 2001, and other Australian states in the past years. Citizens call for the Tasmanian government to immediately stop the destruction of all native forests.

Tasmania Police have arrived on the scene.

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