takayna Trail 2023 – Tasmania’s unique trail run event begins

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In its fifth year, Bob Brown Foundation’s annual trail running event, takayna Trail, has started in north west Tasmania. The trail run includes a solo 22km and 62km event and a 62km relay, allowing a two person team to cover the trail that treads deep through takayna.

Trail runners from all over Australia have come to takayna Trail 2023 because it provides an opportunity for passionate individuals to link their love for the sport with protecting the very places they exist in.

“takayna Trail is the biggest such event to protect wild country in Australia, if not the world. Here are 160 fit, committed people showing great generosity to takayna, Australia, and its human and natural heritage. I hope they inspire Prime Minister Albanese to make a stand by nominating takayna / Tarkine for the World Heritage status it deserves,” Bob Brown said, at the finish line.

“We are here to help protect these public lands which are ancient and found nowhere else on Earth. takayna / Tarkine is a national treasure and the trail running community is stepping up to show its support,” said Majell Backhausen trail running lead.

“Participants will be running through Australia’s largest temperate rainforest. Bob Brown Foundation, has gone out of its way to ensure that runners experience a life changing event, designed to connect people from all over Tasmania, Australia, and the world. A place of unique Aboriginal heritage, we are working with Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre to see it returned to their custodianship,” said Majell Backhausen.

“In a remarkable effort, 160 runners have raised almost $350,000, our biggest ever fundraising effort. These funds will help our foundation protect this area as a World Heritage-listed National Park, returned to Aboriginal ownership. takayna / Tarkine is more threatened than ever before and keeping it intact is urgent,” said Campaigns Manager Jenny Weber.

“We can’t trail run, hike, mountain bike, raft, or do any recreation in these lands if they become mines, tailings dams or clearfell logging sites. This is simply not acceptable for the global outdoor community. We feel most alive when we are recreating outdoors and experiencing the natural elements, like rain pelting into our faces. That’s living!” Majell Backhausen said.

“This unique trail running event model has inspired other organisations who have replicated it in NSW and VIC to help save other native forests and public lands from extractive industries. The ripple effect of activating trail runners across the nation for protecting wild places is happening,” Majell Backhausen said.

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