Tasmanian ALP continues to back wildlife slaughter and forest destruction

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Tasmania’s ALP leader, Rebecca White, backs the destruction of native forests in an age of climate and extinction crises. Despite decisions to end native forest logging by Labor governments in WA and Vic, Tasmania’s Labor party is ignoring the writing on the wall and the growing popularity of forest protection and its real climate action.

“Political parties in Tasmania need to move on from their outdated commitment to destroying nature, killing threatened species and contributing to the global heating crisis,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Jenny Weber said.

“The majority of Tasmania’s native forests end up as woodchips and huge quantities left in the forest are burnt each autumn. Meanwhile, plantations that have been established with taxpayer funds are also being woodchipped at a great rate. A poll from The Australia Institute shows that 78 per cent of Labor voters back an end to native forest logging. It is time Labor’s parliamentarians represented that majority of Labor voters,” Bob Brown said.

“Like Tasmania’s Rockliff government, Ms White and her Tasmanian Labor party would send the Swift Parrot to extinction, contribute to ongoing climate breakdown and entrench taxpayer subsidies for environmental destruction if they don’t end native forest logging,” Jenny Weber said.

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