Tasmanian forest protests continue after two arrests yesterday

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Tasmanian forest protests have entered the second day this morning with activists from the Bob Brown Foundation halting the destruction of an ancient forest patch in Wentworth Hills, part of Tasmania’s central highlands.

Four people have attached themselves to logging machinery, to highlight the ongoing destruction of native forests and the plight of all the threatened and endangered species that rely on the forests for survival. Yesterday, two forest defenders were arrested in another Wentworth Hills forest that is being destroyed.

“Last night we saw a healthy Tasmanian devil, right here in this forest. Devils, like so many of our other precious wildlife, depend on these forests for habitat,” said Dr Lisa Searle, Bob Brown Foundation’s native forests campaign organiser.

Gabby Knox, 29, is a veterinary nurse from kanamaluka. “As someone living with a disability, taking this kind of action is challenging for me, but I’m here because I think this is important and I will keep taking action until Forestry Tasmania stops logging native forests,” she said.

Jenny Fitzgibbon, 60 years old, is an aged carer and musician. “I’m doing this because forests are vital for nature’s survival, and we need to leave these old-growth forests alone and stop extracting from this land,” she said.

Brad Homewood, a 50-year-old truck driver from Victoria, has come to Tasmania to stand in solidarity with the Bob Brown Foundation against native forest destruction. He is facing arrest today for the second time this week, having been arrested from a treesit occupation yesterday and charged with trespass.

Violet CoCo, 32 years old is a full-time environmental protector, famously jailed for blockading the Sydney Harbour bridge. She has come to Tasmania to stop the destruction of forests at its source. “Logging increases bushfire risk exponentially. We need to be protecting trees to sequester carbon and protecting our biodiversity, not logging these ancients,” she said.

“The Bob Brown Foundation will continue to take action in forests all across Tasmania until our leaders wake up, make the decisions they know they need to, and bring an end to native forest logging once and for all,” Dr Lisa Searle said.

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