Tasmanian Labor Forest Policy puts wildlife, climate and giant trees last

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Bob Brown Foundation has responded to the Tasmanian Labor Forest policy calling it out-of-touch with voters, a plan that endangers the climate and sends wildlife to extinction.

“An out-of-touch, pro-corporations policy that ignores the fact that most Labor voters want native forests protected. A potent vote loser because logging companies prefer the Liberals. In particular, young voters will be turned off by the fact that, in 2024, Labor has a forests policy that doesn’t mention endangered wildlife, giant trees rainforest or tourism,” Bob Brown said.

“Ending native forest logging, the best climate action that the Tasmanian ALP can take, is missing from their forest policy announcement today. Labor has announced more logging and, worse still, more rainforest logging. The most important step we can take to avoid catastrophic climate change is to protect high carbon ecosystems like forests. All of Tasmania’s remaining native forests need protection and all those that have been degraded after decades of plunder need restoration. Enduring employment right now is in creating jobs by protecting native forests and funding restoration of degraded native forests,” said Jenny Weber, Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaigns Manager.

“Labor has followed Tasmanian Liberals commitment to extend native forest logging contracts to 2040, leaving Tasmanian taxpayers saddled with paying for forest plunder instead of much-needed funding for health, hospitals and education,” Jenny Weber said.

“Both Tasmania’s Labor and Liberal parties are misleading the public that local sawmillers are the centre of the Tasmanian native forest logging industry. The overwhelming majority of logging in Tasmania’s native forests is for export woodchipping and export timber for two large Malaysian logging companies,”said Jenny Weber.

Ali Alishah, who was arrested for peacefully protesting logging in the Styx Forest two weeks ago, remains in maximum security prison at Risdon where, as his legal representative made public, he is on a hunger strike, now in its seventh day. Alishah said today that “the Tasmanian Liberals and Labor are committing the same mistakes of the past, damning people to a dying, almost dead native forest logging industry when they should be moving to protect all our remaining native forests and restoration of degraded forests.”

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