Tasmanian Liberals set to expand marine destruction if re-elected.

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The Tasmanian Liberals’ salmon election policy is a carte blanche ticket to the industrial salmon barons to continue destroying Tasmania’s unique waterways.

The policy is a firm commitment to sell out Tasmania’s public waters, endorse extinction, and to completely ignore the 74% of Tasmanians that have serious concerns with salmon farming.

“Premier Rockliff has committed himself to be the first Australian state premier to fully sanction the extinction of a species with his new announcement regarding Macquarie Harbour,” said Alistair Allan, Antarctic and Marine Campaigner at Bob Brown Foundation.

“The Tasmanian Liberals’ salmon plan mirrors his catastrophic forest announcement in supporting further expansion of environmental destruction in Tasmania, only this time in our beautiful rivers, bays, and oceans.”

“Premier Rockliff is ignoring the science, ignoring the law, and making false promises when he states they will ensure Macquarie Harbour won’t shut down. The fact is that the Maugean Skate is on the edge of extinction and Tanya Plibersek must act under the EPBC. It isn’t his decision.”

“Salmon farms must be removed from Macquarie Harbour immediately. The survival of a rare and endemic species is not to be used as a political plaything for the Tasmanian Liberals. Extinction is forever; governments are not,” said Alistair Allan

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