Taxpayer-funded logging and wildlife extinctions locked in till 2040

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The Tasmanian Liberals have today announced another outrageous logging policy that will see forest destruction and wildlife extinctions locked in till 2040, paid for by Tasmanian taxpayers. Today’s announcement by the Liberals is a plan to drive the Masked Owl and Swift Parrots to extinction through deliberate government policy.

“Giving the native forest logging barons another $5 million of taxpayers’ money will alarm many undecided voters. This is corporate pork barrelling at the expense of public services like schools, hospitals and ambulances. Most of that money will end up in non-Tasmanian pockets,” Bob Brown said.

“Native forest logging is in dire straits in Tasmania and the forests need rescuing not more plundering. For the first time, a juvenile endangered Masked Owl has been recorded in a forest where logging is occurring. However, the people who can protect the endangered species and their babies are locking in more devastation at taxpayers’ expense,” Jenny Weber, Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager said.

“Our foundation has today written to Forestry Tasmania and Premier Rockliff calling for the immediate cessation of logging in a coupe in the central highlands where we have recordings of juvenile Masked Owls begging for food. Birds at the nest, and especially cryptic raptors, are extremely vulnerable to disturbance. There is a real risk that the logging may cause the adult birds to abandon the nest, leaving the young birds to starve. Our recordings have been verified by experts in Tasmanian Masked Owl ecology,” Jenny Weber said.

“Native forest logging must not continue. Under a Tasmanian Liberal government, Masked Owls, Swift Parrots, climate and taxpayers be damned. The Tasmanian Liberals are locking in environmental and economic sabotage, committing to contracts that will cost the state more millions of dollars. Records from the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) show woodchipping of native forests has increased by 10% with a 23% decline in sawlog volumes. Since the Tasmanian Liberals have been in government, 78% of what is logged has been for export woodchips,” Jenny Weber said.

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