Jim Everett arrested in Styx forest protest

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Today in lutruwita / Tasmania, Jim Everett, elder pakana plangermairreenner, was arrested today for protecting his country in a forest protest at the Styx Valley of the Giants where logging has been destroying World Heritage-value forests.

“My arrest today demonstrates the government is prepared to stretch further and further to stop the protests against the criminal activities of cutting down the old-growth forests, especially those giant eucalypts,” said Jim Everett.

“I was there to bring a focus into my own palawa/pakana community, that it’s a big issue here and we all need to join in. I think that we are going to see more of the black, red and yellow colours in the forests in the future.”

“I want the tell the Tasmanian Government you are committing genocide against these forests, committing genocide against our people because we are connected to the forests and we are going to fight you,” concluded Jim Everett.

“This is one the most significant days for the Tasmanian forest campaign. We stood alongside Jim Everett in the carnage of ancient forest destruction today, united in a call for an end to native forest logging,” said Jenny Weber, Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaigns Manager.

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