takayna / Tarkine

The ancient forests, mountains and coastline of takayna urgently need protection as a World Heritage-listed National Park, returned to Aboriginal ownership

takayna is Australia’s largest temperate rainforest and the second largest temperate rainforest in the world.

One of Earth’s last great wild places, it deserves secure, permanent protection. 

takayna has one of the highest concentrations of Aboriginal sites in the southern hemisphere and is of ongoing cultural significance.

Cleanest air in the world

Waves, propelled by winds unimpeded by any land mass between South America and Tasmania, roll onto the wild takayna coast. The cleanest air in the world, as measured by the nearby UN monitoring station, blows across its expansive dune fields and into the forests.

We take direct action to defend takayna from the onslaught of logging and mining.

From legal tactics to the forest frontlines, our campaign is determined to secure the permanent protection of 495,000 hectares of takayna.

Our focus

Our work to protect takayna is focused on the following issues.

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