Thousands March for Forests in Hobart

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“Six days out of a state election, Tasmania has marched in lutruwita / Tasmania calling for an end to native forest logging. We all live on a planet that is heating and protecting forests is a solution that will mitigate the climate and biodiversity crises if they are protected, not logged,” said Jenny Weber, Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaigns Manager today, after a joyful March for Forests was held in nipaluna / Hobart.

“We expected 500 and got more than 3000. There is a huge move to get rid of the logging old parties. The swing away from Liberal and Labor will only grow in the coming week,” said Bob Brown.

Guest speakers included members of the Tasmanian Aboriginal community, Theresa Sainty and Jim Everett as well as Bob Brown, Dr Colette Harmsen, Alice Hardinge from The Wilderness Society and Tasmanian Greens leader Rosalie Woodruff.

Jim Everett committed himself to the coming campaigns to end native forest logging, “We have to stop this native forest logging before there is nothing left for our grandchildren. We are all together to stop this native forest logging. We are country, country is us,” said Jim Everett.

“Over the ten year term of Tasmania’s Liberal government, more than 45 000 hectares have been logged and burned.  That is more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and less habitat for endangered species like the Swift Parrot, Masked owl, Quolls, Devils and Giant freshwater crayfish.  It must end. It’s shocking and embarrassing that Tasmania’s Labor and Liberal parties have no plan to end native forest logging, instead, they plan to extend the ongoing destruction. Tasmania can be a beacon on this planet by securely protecting all our remaining native forests for climate, wildlife and the ancient trees,” Jenny Weber said.

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