Thousands of dead salmon beyond doubt after more images captured at Okehampton Bay industrial fish farms.

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Today, more footage has been captured of dead salmon being pumped into bins at Okehampton Bay near Triabunna.

This comes two days after news of these salmon deaths was first broken to the public.

“The suffering and death of farmed salmon continues unabated at the industrial fish farms at Okehampton Bay,” said Alistair Allan, Antarctic and Marine Campaigner at Bob Brown Foundation.

“With the EPA now confirming that Tassal first reported a die-off event on 28 November, it is now certain that thousands and thousands of salmon have died in these factory farms of the sea.”

“Tassal has tried hard to not allow images of this horrible event to get out, and even stopping work when we are on the scene, but they can’t hide the truth from the public”

“Mass deaths like these are the reason why fish farms should never have been allowed in Okehampton Bay and why they should be shut down permanently.”

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