Three arrested while giant tree logging halted

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Three forest defenders have been arrested this morning while an endangered wedge-tailed Eagle soared above. Eleven forest defenders walked onto the globally shocking Florentine Valley logging coupe which has been the centre of controversy over the past few weeks and many protests. The controversy has been fuelled by the images of giant trees laid to waste.

“The forest defenders keep getting wrongly arrested and evicted not the loggers. Tasmania’s government is responsible for the ongoing destruction of the climate, endangered species habitat and tallest flowering plants on Earth. The logging of some of the tallest trees on the planet has occurred in these controversial forests,” Jenny Weber said.

High-profile Tasmanian Farmer Anthony Houston, nurse Jacque McElwee and Franklin River veteran Paul Kane have stood up for the climate, forests and wildlife protection today.

“It’s the sheer scale of the destruction that’s really hit me, they’ve moved so far in such a short time, surely this can’t possibly be right. I have four beautiful grandchildren I’m desperate to leave them just a little bit of what I had when I was a kid,” said Anthony Houston after his arrest.

“I am a 58 year old mother and registered nurse. I am deeply concerned about the ongoing needless destruction of lutruwita’s unique and irreplaceable native forests. The number one action that we could take to mitigate against climate change in this state is to leave our native forests standing. The forests have so much value standing, as a carbon store and of course, they are a complete ecosystem providing habitat for so many creatures. We must stop native forest logging!” said Jacqui McElwee.

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