Toxic salmon industry out of control and should be shut down.

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Huon Aquaculture has confirmed the escape of up to 50,000 salmon into the Huon and Channel, and Bob Brown Foundation is calling on Tassal to confirm their own salmon escape of up to 30-40,000 salmon in Storm Bay.

“While the Rockliff government criminalises environmentalists, it is accommodating and condoning this environmental disaster. The claim by Huon Aquaculture’s spokesperson that industrial fish farming is like other farming is an insult to public intelligence. Unlike cows, sheep and chickens, these 5 kg Atlantic salmon are voracious carnivores penned on public property and ready to kill everything in the vicinity if they are released. They are now marauding what little life is left in the Huon and D’Entrecasteaux Channel marine ecosystem, already ruined by this industry. Previous assurances that these pens were safe have become another demonstrable lie,” said Dr Bob Brown.

“Time and time again, the salmon industry shows just how unaccountable they are. There should be criminal charges against those responsible for destroying our public waters. If you went into a national park and released feral cats, there would be stiff penalties. The same should apply to salmon escapes,” said Alistair Allan, Fish Farm Campaigner at Bob Brown Foundation

“In light of escapes from both Huon aquaculture and Tassal in different parts of Tasmania, and almost simultaneously, the industry must be shut down. The industry is out of control. These escapes are only the ones we know of, and the industry never wants to fess up. There must be many more we never hear about. We have a toxic salmon industry hotline where people can report fish escapes, seal deaths, bird deaths, marine debris and any other misdeeds that this industry is responsible for. That number is 0472 507 875,” Mr Allan said.

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