Treesitter defends remnant rainforest as Meunna’s defence enters it’s seventh week in North West Tasmania.

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Community opposition, now into its seventh week, continues to grow as another protest occurs this morning at the logging site of remnant rainforest on the edge of takayna in North West Tasmania. This morning Maraika Smit (27) has suspended herself in a treesit to halt the destruction, joining the dozens of community members who have been arrested or given police move on orders and prohibition notices for standing in defence of Meunna’s rainforest.

“I’m sitting up here protecting these trees from destruction as it is unfathomable to think that our governments believe this is an acceptable way to treat our precious forests. We are living in a period of human inflicted climate emergency and these forests are vital in supporting a habitable future for all creatures and organisms. I want to do everything I possibly can to make sure these forests keep standing”, said Ms Smit.

“Every day that Forestry Tasmania has turned up to destroy these forests in the past six weeks, citizens have turned up to stand in defence of these forests”, said Bob Brown Foundation takayna Campaigner Scott Jordan.

“In the face of a climate emergency and an extinction crisis, we are seeing a growing urgency across this nation for an end to native forest logging, from governments of states like Western Australia and Victoria, right down to local communities in Tasmania. There is no time to lose. End native forest logging now,” concluded Mr Jordan

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