Tripod protest on Takayna logging road – Forestry Tasmania’s security sabotages protesters’ tyres.

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A Tasmanian woman has taken to great heights today in the Takayna protests to defend endangered species habitat by sitting atop a tripod.

Physiotherapist Alison Viner (62) is taking peaceful action today on a tripod over the access road to the controversial logging coupe.

“We all have to make a stand against the destruction of native forests. I can not leave it to others to fight this battle for me,” said Alison Viner.

Meanwhile, this morning unlicensed security engaged by Forestry Tasmania have tampered with protestors’ vehicles at the site of the controversial logging coupe in the Arthur River forests of Takayna.

“This cowboy approach by Forestry Tasmania’s agents against peaceful protestors is irresponsible and dangerous. It is thuggery,” said Bob Brown Foundation Takayna /Tarkine Campaigner Scott Jordan.

“We have seen the disregard Forestry Tasmania shows for our environmental laws. It now seems that they are prepared to engage unlicensed security who have engaged in sabotage of vehicles.”

Despite the behaviour of Forestry Tasmania’s agents, the protest continues.

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