Two new arrests in Takayna protest bring total of twenty arrests in current forest defence campaign

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Two forest defenders, Cathy Howard and Tom Borg-McGee have taken action today on the logging road to guard Takayna endangered species forests against ongoing, contentious destruction. Most of these forests are being destroyed for the notorious Borneo logging company Ta Ann for export woodchips.

Tasmania Police are in attendance and both defenders have been arrested.

“Our protest today is on Frankland Road, currently locked by Forestry Tasmania for controversial logging, adjacent to the Tarkine Drive. The Tarkine Drive links popular tourist destinations in Australia’s largest temperate rainforests to the coast. Arthur River weaves the destinations together, but right now, horrific clearfelling of rivers edge forests is stripping endangered species habitat,” said Scott Jordan, Bob Brown Foundation’s takayna Campaigner.

“I am so disappointed at the senseless destruction of the native forest behind me. This clearfell logging kills the native wildlife and those animals that flee the carnage are homeless – this loss of habitat drives species extinction. What is rarely discussed is this biodiversity loss is the largest environmental driver of new infectious disease outbreaks which are on the rise and often originate in wildlife – this is a serious global health issue,” said Cathy Howard, recently retired registered nurse.

“I am here in Takayna demanding an end to native forest logging across Australia and the protection of Takayna’s ecosystems and incredible wildlife. Australia lives a lie in identifying and priding ourselves on native wildlife, whilst being one of the worst nations on Earth for the suffering of wildlife and their extinction.”

“Our wildlife, living country and future generations of all species have no voice and will have absolutely nothing, but what we fight and successfully preserve for them! Native forest logging is one of the greatest evils in our country, entirely paid for by the tax-paying public and executed against innocent and threatened wildlife and invaluable ecosystems,” said Tom Borg-McGee, who has run Takayna Trail three times and is a physiotherapist and WIRES rescuer/carer from Avalon, Sydney.

“These Takayna forests have been logged for controversial Borneo logging company Ta Ann and export woodchipping. Ta Ann’s logging practices in Sarawak have been appalling and they are a major driver of the ongoing destruction of Tasmania’s wildlife-rich carbon storehouses. Any domestic and international customer of Ta Ann must know that their timber from these Takayna forests has flattened endangered species habitat and forests that are critically needed for climate mitigation,” said Jenny Weber, Campaigns Manager at Bob Brown Foundation.

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