Venture Minerals AGM gets told to abandon plans in takayna / Tarkine as 40% of shareholders vote to spill the board

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Protestors have gathered today outside Venture Minerals’ Annual General Meeting in Perth, Western Australia, to send the company a clear message – abandon plans to mine takayna / Tarkine. While inside 40% of shareholders have voted to spill the board after repeated instances of misleading and withholding market sensitive information from shareholders.

Venture was unable or unwilling to answer many questions from shareholders at the meeting, including questions from Bob Brown Foundation campaigners Scott Jordan and Jenny Weber.
“It appears Venture Minerals board and CEO either can’t or won’t answer questions related to illegal activity, unlawful mining, and failures to disclose market sensitive information to shareholders. No wonder they are facing an internal revolt. They are playing fast and loose with other people’s money,” said Bob Brown Foundation takayna Campaigner Scott Jordan.

“Everywhere Venture Minerals has gone in the past two years, Australians have shown up to tell them to abandon these destructive projects. Tin and iron ore don’t need to come from these rainforests, but the threatened Masked Owls, Spotted tailed Quolls, and Tasmanian Devils that make their home in them and raise their young in them rely on their intactness”.

“Venture Minerals wants to mine in ancient, carbon rich, World Heritage value rainforest. The Australian public is very clear on this, leave World Heritage value rainforests alone.”

The company’s failed Riley Creek strip mine sits mothballed after abandoning the project just months after commencement, while plans for two new mines in the World Heritage value rainforest at Mt Lindsay and Livingstone are currently in the Federal Environment Minister’s assessment pipeline.

“As mining companies lay claim to Australia’s largest temperate rainforests, takayna / Tarkine needs rescuing. Federal Environment Minister could be the first to ensure World Heritage listing of takayna. Minister Plibersek should be preparing takayna’s World Heritage nomination, not its death by a thousand cuts,” Jenny Weber, Campaigns Manager said.

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