Venture Minerals AGM hears about Tarkine mine’s environmental impact

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Bob Brown Foundation campaigners were joined by two dozen Perth based supporters outside the AGM of Venture Minerals in the WA capital.

“People of Perth turned out today to voice their opposition to Venture Minerals’ plans to mine in the ancient rainforests at Mount Lindsay in takayna/Tarkine and Ventures shareholders heard our concerns”, said Bob Brown Foundation Takayna/Tarkine Campaigner Scott Jordan.

“We have taken the opportunity to talk directly to investors, many of whom were not informed about the environmental challenges the company faces.”

“Venture was delivered a clear message today. The Mount Lindsay mine is not supported on either side of the country”.

“In this critical decade of climate and biodiversity crisis, destroying carbon rich rainforest habitat poses huge risks to the planet and to portfolio value”.

Bob Brown Foundation’s Jenny Weber and Dr Colette Harmsen (veterinarian and forest conservationist with a particular interest in Tasmanian devils) spoke at the AGM today, raising a number of questions about the environmental impact and the financial risk of Venture Minerals controversial takayna rainforest mining in Tasmania.

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