Women Demand Climate Justice – Labor leader Rebecca White challenged at fundraising dinner over forest destruction

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At last night’s Women in Leadership event, Rebecca White faced uncomfortable questions regarding her proposed laws targeting protesters and the climate crisis.

After receiving broad and inaccurate answers, and then deflection, two women had no choice but to stand up and speak out about the issue that affects us all, the issue Rebecca White is trying to silence coming up to the election – the destruction of our wilds. Tanya Plibirsek and Lara Giddings were also present

“The Tasmanian government should be focusing on the transition of the unsustainable and taxpayer subsidised forestry industry to a plantation-based model rather than pushing for unconstitutional changes to Australians’ right to peaceful protest,” said Sarah Pollock, Construction Project Manager.

“The children of today will grow up to never witness seeing old growth forest if we don’t stop the government now from making these short-sighted decisions,” Fiarrah Poole, Youth Worker. 

“It was typically hypocritical to have our questions deflected after sitting through two hours of ‘inspirational’ words from the speakers. Rebecca White’s proposed new policies to impose harsher penalties on protesters is a result of pressure from the logging industry, who have not been presented with a just transition plan to move forward into plantation-based operations only, making old-growth logging a thing of the past.”

“The state needs to stop funding the destruction of our environment. These wild places are worth much more standing from a tourism and jobs perspective; from a global one our survival depends on us lowering emissions. Yes, the severity is that extreme,” said Anna Brozek, Bob Brown Foundation campaigner.

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