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The Tasmanian government are carrying out post-logging burns right now. This is a climate atrocity and needs to stop immediately.


Stop incinerating native forests

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Behind locked gates in Tasmania, Forestry Tasmania is dropping incendiaries from helicopters to start massive fires which incinerate all organic matter and every living thing in their path.

Every year, wildlife-rich native forests are crushed to the ground, at a cost to the taxpayer of tens of millions of dollars. The forest remnants are then scraped into waste debris piles of timber and burnt.

Every autumn, these post-logging infernos fill Tasmania’s air with toxic fumes as millions of tons of carbon are released into our struggling atmosphere.

Burning old forests to the ground and growing young monocultures in short cycles has a huge detrimental effect on climate, biodiversity, native species and river health and increases the incidence of bushfires from escaped burns.

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